In today’s world, we rarely leave the house without some kind of image capturing digital device.

We’re constantly snapping away and inadvertently accumulating more and more photos and videos. Before we know it, we have gigs of backed up media, sitting on a drive somewhere. Most of us have good intentions of putting together a slide show or possibly even creating our own videos, but in reality, we battle to find the time, don’t know how to or simply couldn’t be bothered!

CLIPI is an easy to use service which offers a helping hand!

We’ll go through your photos and videos, choose the best shots and then combine them with music and titles, into a slick, crafted video. When paired with appropriate music, the videos often take you on an emotional walk down memory lane and are ideal for occasions which celebrate life… birthday parties, weddings, bar mitzvahs, farewells and family gatherings. The videos are also perfect for cherishing and sharing memories and experiences from your vacations, graduations, sporting events and many others.

Put your action cam to use!

Finally a solution to your growing collection of action cam footage.

Ultimate gift

Can you imagine the joy when Grandma overseas, gets a beautifully edited video of her grandchildren?


We're all Spielberg wannabes, but who has the time! Leave it to us.

Vacation memories

Relive and share your vacation memories with friends and family.

Paul Virenti

Paul Virenti

co founder / CLIPI

"On returning from a snowboarding trip, with an action cam full of great footage, I was thinking... with my busy schedule, how am I going to find the time to edit this footage? Instead of my footage just being dumped to a hard drive, with the footage from other trips, wouldn't it be great if I could just give it to someone to edit for me."

Farren Slant

Farren Slant

co founder / CLIPI

"After putting together a quick video montage for a friends birthday party, I kept getting asked to do similar videos for other friends' functions. I thought, if my friends and family keep asking for these videos, surely there are other people with the same need?"