Dear Clipi Customer:

These terms and conditions (the “Conditions”) apply between CLIPI (the “Seller”/“us”) and you, the Customer (“you”/”the Customer”), in connection with the provision of the Service to you by us.

The following is a legal agreement between you and:
i) if you are in the United Kingdom, Postboxx Productions LTD
ii) if you are in the USA, Postboxx LLC 
iii) if you are in South Africa, Postboxx Productions CC.

All the above entities are represented by Clipi.

By entering into this agreement, you verify that your country of residence is the same as your billing address.
It is important that you read and understand these terms and conditions before agreeing to them.
By accessing our website, you agree to indemnify and hold us harmless from all claims, actions, damages, costs and expenses including legal fees arising from or in connection with your use of our website.

We reserve the right to amend this Notice at any time and your use of the website following any amendments will represent your agreement to be bound by these terms and conditions as amended. We therefore recommend that each time you access our website you read these terms and conditions. 

For terms of reference we have used the following terminologies:
“Image(s)” means photographs, vectors, drawings and the like.
“Footage” means any moving images, animations, films, videos or other audio/visual representations, excluding still images, recorded in any format.
“Visual and Audio Content” shall refer collectively to Images and Footage.

1. Following your payment and the commencement of the video editing, CLIPI will:
i. provide a Service with reasonable skill and care; 
ii. on completion of the video send through a low resolution file for the Customers approval and/or input. Please note: We only allow for one change so your revert needs to be clear and concise;
iii. maintain absolute privacy. The video will only be emailed to the email address received with the order;
iv. deal with any enquiries relating to the order timeously;

2. Video’s edited by CLIPI are neither owned nor come into the possession of CLIPI at any time.
3. Video’s edited by CLIPI will not be used in any CLIPI promotional material without the expressed consent of the content owner (the Customer).
4. Should feedback be received from the Customer regarding any service provided, CLIPI reserves the right to use these responses at their sole discretion.
5. CLIPI cannot be held responsible for delivery through the postal system.
6. Should you not be happy with your purchase CLIPI will do everything it reasonably can to rectify the problem. In return we request that no defamatory comments are made online until all avenues have been exhausted.

7. The Customer acknowledges:
i. that the transmission of information via the internet is not completely secure, there is always a risk that communications by electronic means may not reach their intended destination, or may do so much later than intended, for reasons outside CLIPI’s control, and that it is technically impossible to provide the Service entirely free of fault at all times;
ii. that it is the Customers responsibility to have reliable backups of the material supplied (images and footage) to CLIPI and that CLIPI cannot be held responsible for the backup and storage of the digital files supplied.
iii. that they shall take all necessary steps to ensure that passwords and other security devices remain confidential, secure, used properly and not disclosed to unauthorised third parties;
iv. that all information supplied by the Customer is true, accurate and correct when supplied and that they files supplied are not copyrighted, stolen or of an illegal nature.
v. that they will endeavour to supply the best quality files available, as this will have a direct impact on the quality of the finished product;
vi. that they will ensure that information supplied electronically to CLIPI is submitted free from Viruses;
vii. that no images and footage supplied be offensive, indecent, obscene, pornographic, menacing, abusive or defamatory;
8. This video will be for private and personal use only and will not be used for any commercial/advertising/promotional purposes.
9. The Customer confirms that all content provided to CLIPI is owned by the Customer and that CLIPI has full authority to use all items provided and hereby transfer full authority to CLIPI to use all content as they see fit for the purposes of creating a video for the Customers personal use.

10. We reserve the right to terminate your registration at any time if you breach these terms and conditions.
11. We endeavour to ensure that our price list is current. Our price list can be accessed from our order page and we reserve the right to amend our prices at any time. If you have placed an order, we reserve the right to cancel your order should our prices change.
12. We strive to ensure that our CLIPI product is described as accurately as possible on our website, however we do not warrant that the description is accurate. Where we become aware of any misdescription, we reserve the right to correct any error or omission.
13. Packaging and postage upgrade is an additional charge, calculated at time of purchase.
14. When you order from us, we require you to provide your name, address for delivery, your email address, telephone contact and credit card details. We undertake to take due care with this information; however in providing us with such information you accept that we are not liable for its misuse due to error in transmission or virus or malware.
15. All risk of loss or damage to the goods passes to you when we despatch the goods.
16. You may link our website with our consent. Any such linking will be entirely your responsibility and at your expense. By linking, you may not alter any of our website’s contents including any intellectual property notices and you must not frame or reformat any of our pages, files, images, text or other materials.
17. The copyright to all content on this website including applets, graphics, images, videos, layouts and text belongs to us or we have a licence to use those materials.
18. To the extent permitted by law, any condition or warranty which would otherwise be implied into these terms and conditions is excluded.
19. Provide again or rectify any services or part of them that are defective; or
20. If a Force Majeure event causing delay continues for more than thirty days, we may terminate this Agreement by giving at least seven days Notice to you. “Force Majeure” means any act, circumstance or omission over which we could not reasonably have exercised control.
21. To the full extent permitted by law, our liability for breach of an implied warranty or condition is limited to the supply of the services again or payment of the costs of having those services supplied again. 
22. We accept no liability for any loss whatsoever including consequential loss suffered by you arising from services we have supplied. 
23. We do not accept liability for anything contained in an online post of a user or in any form of communication which originates with a user and not with CLIPI. 

Last amended and updated: February 2016.